School Of General Education

Philosophy: The philosophy of the school is rooted in the general vision of the College which is the extension of the frontiers of knowledge through teaching, research and community development.

The school got her full autonomy in 2016 from the state government. The school is headed by a dean and fully assisted by the HOD’S and school officer for the day to day administration of the school. The team is also made of academics and non-academics staff and intelligent students from various academic disciplines in a conducive learning environment.

We offer best teaching services using the best methods duly approved by the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE).


The teacher is the epitome of quality in education since education has become the primary tool for the overall development of society. The vision and mission of the school includes; production of well-motivated teachers with high personal and professional discipline, integrity and competence, preparation of teachers with appreciable expertise in curriculum planning, development and delivery, production of professionals who can combine the use of conventional teaching strategies and worlds’ unfolding ICT in the generation and imparting of knowledge, attitudes, values and skills, continuous preparation and upgrading of teachers who can stand out for their professional competence, sense of social responsibility and commitment to function effectively as constructive socio-economic, moral and spiritual change-agents needed to promote goodwill, peace and progress in the 21st Century.

sch gen edu
Dean Of Sch ADEMOLA Adesina Emmanuel