School Of Vocational And Technical Education

About The School started in 2016 as the College got her autonomy from the State Government.The Dean is the head of the School while the School Officer is in charge of day to day running of the school assisted by other office assistants. The team is also made up of Great Lecturers and intelligent students from various academic disciplines in a learning environment that is dedicated to harvesting the richness of arts, humanities, and social sciences. We welcome hundreds of intelligent and dedicated students into our NCE programmes. We deliver best teaching using the best methods recognized across the world. Our students are tested and proven to be of high standards.  The students are our  priority and we are committed to making them great teachers to pass on the torch to others in society 


The School of Secondary Education (Arts and Social Sciences Programmes) is dedicated to delivering the highest quality arts, humanities and social sciences education using the latest teaching methods to produce best teachers.

Our goal is to encourage students to develop strong critical thinking, problem solving abilities,great communication skills and creative zeal that will promote development in their immediate society.

sch arts and SSP2
Dean Of Dept Mr. OKUNLOLA Oladayo Oludare